janet1Most celebrities like showing off, sometimes exaggerating their income in a bid to stand out. However, some prefer to stay real and keep a low profile. One good example is Janet Mbugua.
The citizen TV news anchor has come out and refuted claims that she earns over Ksh 800, 000 a month. The rumour has been going since she left ETV in South Africa. It has since been taken as the truth.
Apparently, SK Macharia had to match whatever E Africa was paying her to land her services.
Speaking to Nairobian newspaper last week, Janet said that if she earned that much, she would be vacationing in Bahamas every week.
“I don’t know where people got that from. It is a complete rumour. If I was earning that much, I would be in the Bahamas every week,’’ she says.
Janet also refuses to be called rich.
“Rich? Maybe in two years…you can ask me that then,”
She also spoke a little on her recent career moves.
“Yes I am doing both acting and singing, but I am under contract and can’t give details until I get the go ahead,’’ she explained.