Gospel Artist Opens Nairobi’s First Homosexual Church

March 28, 2014

jojiThe direction in which the modern church is headed is either liberating or worrying depending on your religious orientation. After a sect of devil worshipers opened the church of Satan, Kenyan gay gospel musician, Joji Baro, has now opened the first ever homosexual church.
The church, dubbed Cosmopolitan Affirming Church, is a church strictly for homosexuals. For security reasons, Joji, who is HIV positive, did not openly give the directions to the church. If you are interested, he says you can contact him via his Facebook page

Cosmopolitan Affirming Church invites you all to worship with us this Sunday. For location/direction contact me personally via my inbox. For comments/suggestion below this post. Affirm your sexuality/spirituality  – he posted on his Facebook page.

The church has aroused all kinds of reactions from Kenyans, with many Christians being of the opinion that the church is a mockery to God. In fact, people against homosexuality as a whole pose this question; If God really is for equality and doesn’t care about your sexuality, and if he can condone any type of sin, then why did he burn down Sodom and Gomorrah because of Homosexuality?
However the Platos of today, the likes of Maina Kageni, insist that if what homosexuals do does not directly affect you, let them be.
What is your take on Homosexuals and their new church?

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