PHOTOS of Grace Msalame Before The Fame And The Money

March 26, 2014

She started off as a TV presenter in KTN’S str8 Up live and has gone ahead to become a polished news anchor. She has a bubbly spirit and is down to earth which makes her easy to love.
Grace Msalame, daughter of radio legend Tony Msalame, has not had it easy to be where she is now. Looking at her effortless elegance and confidence, one would be mistaken to think she had it all on a silver platter. like all of us, she has gone through patches in her life.
After her A-Levels at St Christopher’s, Msalame hustled to make ends meet. She did odd jobs here and there, selling stuff and when an acting opportunity opened up at KTN, she did not hesitate to try it out although she did not get it. Her big break came when she was asked to try out hosting Str8 Up and the rest as they say is history.
A few years down the line, she is the ‘it’ girl at Kiss TV and a mother to beautiful twins.
Here is a photo of Grace back in the days.
Msalame now

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