PHOTO of Chameleone’s Escalade

March 24, 2014

chameleoneWith 13 albums to his name, Chameleone is easily one of the most successful entertainers in the East African region. His ability to  sing in three different languages : Luganda, English and Swahili makes him enjoy a strong popularity in Africa.
He started off his career in early 1990’s but I won’t be telling you about his long musical history so lets just get straight to the point. Chameleone has bagged an array of trophies over the years and he recently took all of them out for a little showoff.
Sitting on the bonnet of his customized Escalade, Chameleone quoted : On your way to greatness you can only get there by associating yourself to winners NOT losers.” His trophies occupied the entire hood of the luxury SUV.
Check it out.

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