Bruce Odhiambo Denies Rape and Fraud Allegations

March 6, 2014

bruceBruce Odhiambo, who was  accused by rapper Bamboo of alleged rape and fraud, has finally come out to defend himself.
A bitter Bamboo had earlier accused him of raping his ex-girlfriend Anisa and swindling him 3 million shillings.
This is what Bruce had to say;
“Bamboo’s accusation, is nonsense. How well do you know Bamboo?
Would he ever command 3 million for a performance? The money he is asking for was never due him. Look, I approached some artists and asked them to make songs for TNA and from the success of the songs, they would get an opportunity to perform. Bamboo and Chiwawa never appeared for any of their performances but Abbas came. He was paid handsomely. Have you heard him complain? Infact, you should call him up!
If I asked my woman to accuse you of rape wouldn’t she? When Bamboo demanded money, I flat out refused to give him a cent because that contradicted our arrangement. He then told me he was going to sully my name. He told me he was going to accuse me of rape. Seems like he lived up to his words.”
What do you think, was Bamboo pulling a publicity stunt or is Bruce actually a con and a rapist?
Additional reporting by Ghafla.

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