After a Break From The Entertainment Scene, Vibrant Wahu Bounces Back

March 28, 2014

wahuWahu has been silent, musically speaking, for some time now but it’s not because she quit music. She has been busy taking care of her two children and husband Nameless. Now that’s what you call a mother. Anyway, despite her hectic schedule, she managed to squeeze some performing time.
Wahu graced the Tusker twende kazi concert held at Blue Hut in Ngara where she performed her two hit songs liar and better days.
Asked how she manages her family and her busy music career, Wahu said What I think every mother should say when asked such a question; her family is her first love.
“When it comes to baby nursing, no matter how many millions you make or how vibrant and exciting the industry is, you can’t pay someone else to do it. My home is my first love.”
Additional reporting by Rap Nairobi.

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