Abbas – MCSK Should Be More Transparent

March 18, 2014

abbas-kubaffEvery organisation, no matter how successful, always fails to do some things right. There are those people who keep quiet about it and there are those who openly air their grievances.
K-South rapper Abbas Kubaff has published a petition against the Music Copyright Society of Kenya accusing them of corruption. According to the petition, the society pockets artists’ sitting allowances during their meetings and favor profitable recording stables compared to new upcoming record labels.
The petition goes;
MCSK need to be more transparent. They are not listening to their artists.
When people submit tracks to MCSK, they are not always placed onto the monitoring system. This means royalties are not paid to artists. When artists try and find out what’s happening, they are ignored.
When MCSK call meetings, artists are invited last minute and can rarely avail themselves. What happens to the sitting allowance they set aside for meetings?
Artists should receive money for brand value. Where is this? Every time they brush it off like it’s not important.
When MCSK want to communicate, they put a notice in the paper or send a text message. Be professional! Communicate by e-mail as well!
There is cartelism. Some record houses are favoured over others, and get preferential treatment, so they can maximize the amount of money they make from MCSK.
What happens to the performance money?
If enough people sign this petition, maybe they will finally listen to the artists needs. The people running the Kenyan music industry should be looking after their artists!

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