17 Things You Did Not Know About Owago Onyiro

March 20, 2014

Owago-OnyiroOwago Onyiro is one of the most popular comedians in the entertainment industry. He is known for his well constructed Luo jokes and his dholuo accent. Away from the camera, he is a human being like any other. He has had his worst moments, best moments, first kiss and many more like all of us.
Here are  things you didn’t know about Owago.

  1. His got his first kiss playing chamama cha baba when he was a little kid.
  2. He has never taken alcohol.
  3. He got his first girlfriend when he joined high school, her name was Mercy.
  4. He is yet to buy his first car.
  5. The first car he ever drove was a BMW X5 which belonged to his friend.
  6. The first college he ever attended was Moi Institute Of technology now Moi University
  7. He is a certified accountant
  8. He first appeared on TV in episode 11 of Churchill raw.
  9. His best friend is Jalang’o
  10. His best fashion label is Gucci
  11. His first performance was on Churchill raw
  12. His favourite rapper is lil wayne
  13. His favourite song is mirrors by lil wayne
  14. His dream job is becoming a comedian radio presenter.
  15. He wants to be the pioneer of uncensored comedy in Kenya
  16. His dream car is a lamborghini
  17. Worst moment is when his father punished him in front of the whole school.


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