Vihiga County Opens an Office In Germany

February 14, 2014

vihiga-governorJust when you thought County governments would get serious and give priority to important issues such as education and eradicating poverty, Vihiga county has opened an office in Germany.
In a letter intercepted by Capital FM, the Director Liaison( Parliamentary and County Affairs) Ambassador E.M Barine confirmed the reports and even expressed  concerns that the county had already made commitments that would affect the country negatively.
“In some instance, a county has already opened a Representative Office abroad and gone ahead to make commitments that could have serious ramifications,” the letter read.
Ambassador Barine also said that the move would tarnish the image that Kenya has worked so hard to maintain.
“The message taken out there, including on investment facilities, funding for county projects could erode the credibility Kenya has built over a long period as a trusted investment destination.”
We are just left to wonder if the move was really necessary. Personally i think the County should borrow a page or two from Mutua’s development book and give priorities to more important issues.
Investors will only get attracted after they see the work you’re doing.

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