Rapper AY Denies Writing Any Songs For Jaguar

February 6, 2014

AY3Tanzania’s rapper AY has  refuted claims that he has written any songs for rapper Jaguar.
“Jaguar is one of my best friends. We’ve worked and still continue to work together, but it’s not true to say that I write songs for him. He is his own man, he has been in the industry for a long time and that makes him obviously one of the most experienced artistes around. Even for our collaboration – Nimetoka Mbali, he penned his verses and I did mine. So, there is no question about his abilities and I believe it’s very evident.”
According to the Standard, AY also denied claims that his career was under threat from fast rising artists such as Diamond.
“Why should I feel like my music career is under threat? Every artiste has his plans and strategies. I am not there to compete against anybody…my competition is against whoever is trying to make money just as I am. That’s the real competition. After all, I will not be there for eternity.”
AY was in Kenya last week where he appeared on Churchill show.

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