President Uhuru’s Cousin Proposes During a Live Concert

February 7, 2014

bushushaPresident Kenyatta’s long distance cousin Bushusha Ngethe recently proposed to his girlfriend in front of thousands in South Africa.
Bushusha took to the stage during Grammy award winner Bruce Springsteen’s concert. How exactly did he manage to pull it off?
He has his brother Tom Ng’ethe to thank. Apparently, Tom is a renown guitarist and he was touring with Bruce and the E Street band at the time. He arranged for Ng’ethe to get to the stage and when he did, he did not shy or develop cold feet. He went on his knees and popped the question.
Of course this would be a totally different news report if the fiancée said No.
Tom is among the  team that put together the sound track of the robot movie Pacific Rim.

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