Personal Cars To Be Banned From The CBD

February 7, 2014

CBDIf the recommendation by the Transport and Urban De congestion Committee is approved, you will be forced to leave your personal cars at home.
The committee recommends that taxis and personal cars be kicked out of the CBD to ease traffic snarl ups. If the recommendation is approved, taxis will only be allowed in the city on call. The committee has also proposed heavy fines for those who intend not to honour the new rules.
“Either there would be designated points for the taxis or better still, they only access the business district on call. Taxis have not helped in minimising traffic snarl-ups in Nairobi,” said Dr Kidero.
The Nairobi County management is also looking for other ways to reduce traffic jams which have become a menace in the city.
“There is a deliberate initiative we have put in place to expand the public transport system, we are calling it Bus Rapid Transit System and with the expansion of Outer Ring Road and the completion of the Southern by-pass, we are sure to meet transport needs in the city,” he said.
The Nairobi Governor  has given the committee a period of two months to collect different views from city residents on the best way forward. The governor is also engaging the Kenya Railway Authority to ease transport in the city.
If the recommendation is passed, Nairobi will join other developed Cities such as London which emphasize on railway transport within the city.

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