Rongai Donkey Thieves Swim for Their Lives

February 10, 2014

donkey2On Wednesday last week, four suspected donkey thieves dived into a river in Ongata Rongai to save their lives. The four escaped narrowly from angry water vendors after they were caught slaughtering the beasts of burden used to transport water around the area.
The suspects had already slaughtered two donkeys before the vendors raided their ‘abattoir’, set up in a hidden bush. With nowhere to run, they opted to take a swim that would ultimately save their dear lives.
The over 50 armed vendors were intent on ending this menace that has claimed 18 donkeys in the past two months. The vendors were acting on a tip off by one of their own.
“We arrived on time. They had slaughtered two and were about to start on the third when they saw us,” one of the vendors said.
He added the suspects had slaughtered another two donkeys over the weekend at the Maasai Lodge area.

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