Troubled Ogopa Terminates All Artists’ Contracts

February 3, 2014

ogopaFollowing weeks of speculation that Ogopa Djs was not doing so well, the label has confirmed it’s in trouble  by terminating all its artists’ contracts.
Ogopa deejays boss told the Standard in an exclusive interview, that it is true they had terminated all contracts.  This was the initial stage of a plan to restructure and figure out their next move.
“Yes, it is true that we terminated the contracts, and we will be recruiting afresh. We have a meeting on Saturday to discuss the way forward,”
The move has left artists in confusion and utter disbelief . Rapper Mustapha, who has been signed to the label for the longest time now, says he has no clue what his next move should be.
“I am confused. This is where I have been working on my music in all the years I have been in showbiz. I have no idea what to do, and just hope Lucas will reverse the move,” Mustapha lamented when reached for a comment. “I still have a lot of unfinished material, which I had been working on with Lucas. If I leave, all this will go to waste.”
Some artists such as Kenzo, who had never thought of leaving the label, are  in dilemma as their careers are left in jeopardy.
“It is true that my contract had expired, and was up for renewal. Now, I am in a dilemma.” He said.
It’s not clear what the future holds for Ogopa.

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