Nakuru Woman Kills Her 1 Month Old Baby With Piritons

February 12, 2014

piritonA Nakuru woman on Tuesday narrated in court how she drugged her infant baby so she could go out with friends to have fun.
The woman, Grace Wambui, told High Court Judge Enyara Emukule that she administered a piriton dose to her one month old baby so she could go out and engage in prostitution to make some money to feed her other children.
On returning home, Grace found her baby dead. Her screams alerted neighbours who immediately called the police and had her arrested. The case will be determined next week.
This story highlights many such sad cases of commercial sex workers who fail to use protection and end up with unwanted pregnancies. With such lifestyles the kids are subjected to neglect from their mothers and the government offers little help for such kids.

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