Kenya Bureau of Statistics Advertises For Tenders For Free Adobe Reader…. Corruption??

February 11, 2014

tenerThere is a tendency by government officials to get themselves rich through tenders. This is the biggest cash cow, as seen in the current Standard Gauge deal.
It therefore raises eyebrows when the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, through a tender notice, advertises for the provision of Adobe Reader Software.
For those of us not IT gurus, Adobe reader is a simple software that opens PDF documents. It is FREE and easily downloadable from this link  (
You will be surprised that it’s only 49 MBs or Sh60 when you convert to Safaricom bundle price.
Why would KNBS pay anyone to supply them with a free software?
How much are they willing to spend?
I don’t know how corruption smells but this looks like it.
Tell you what, they can drop by our offices and we’ll hook them up with a copy, which they can then distribute to all their computers.

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