PHOTOS – Jalang’o and Owago Onyiro Munching Chapatis at Radio Host’s ‘Usago’

February 20, 2014

Last Saturday, the one and only Mzee Jalang’o Mwenyewe took the naughty Churchill Show comedian Owago Onyiro to his rural home in Kisumu to meet his mum. According to Jalango’s facebook status, they were at Kisumu when they decided to drop off.
“While in Kisumu I have decided to take my brother from another mother Owago Onyiro to meet my mum, His mum that doesn’t know him….my mum always ask me if he is my brother and I always ask her, if you my mother then he is your son……We are in Ushago!!”
Here are photosjalango
While they were there, his mum decided to cook them some chapatis and  chicken and judging from the photo below, Owago enjoyed every bit of it.
After they were done, Owago posed for some photos with Jalango’s mum.

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