“I was asked To Sacrifice My Relatives For Fame” – Local Musician Reveals

February 24, 2014

rioA local musician is running for his life after he allegedly declined to offer one of his relatives as a sacrifice in exchange for money and fame.
The little known Rio-d real name Robinson Opiyo narrated his ordeal to Nairobian newspaper. He says that two months ago, a friend and fellow musician approached him with the offer that would see him become filthy rich and famous.
“I am running away from Kenya in fear of my life.”
“I was shocked when he told me that in their place they believe in juju and various forms of witchcraft. He insisted that I had to sacrifice a close relative and after that they could take a shower on a grave,” he said.
“He explained that after someone is killed and buried, you have to exhume the body or even get it from the mortuary. After getting the body, the remains are locked in a room in the house where no one can get access to it. You recite some words to the body. Once done, you leave the room and come back to find the room filled with money,”
Rio-d was part of the Makini Music Group (MMG) alongside CMB  Prezzo, Lyon Cash and Canibal Shattah. He parted ways with Prezzo in January 2013 and moved on to work with Lyon Cash. The two later moved in together in Donholm and it is during his stay there that Rio-d started suspecting something was wrong.
His friend demanded that he offer human sacrifice claiming most artistes from Nigeria became rich from what they call ‘blood money.’
“I told him that I did not believe in that since I come from a Christian background and my mother is a church elder with the Seventh Day Adventist church,” he narrated.
“When I refused, he threatened to kick me out of the house we were living together,” he added.
“I escaped from his house when I discovered meat in the flesh,”  he added saying he discovered meat that looked like human flesh in the fridge.
What a desperate publicity stunt…. my take.

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