10 Things You Did Not Know About Churchill Show’s Mtumishi

February 14, 2014
mt1. His real name is Gilbert Baraza.
2. He is 27 years old.
3. He is a form three drop out.
4. He became a street boy in 2005 after dropping out of school.
5. He joined a group of gangsters named ‘Highway Robbers’ where he robbed people at gun point.
6. He once robbed a CID officer but the carjacking which was along Kiambu Road went bad after police officers caught up with them and was arrested.
7. He went into exile in Mombasa for one and a half years.
8. He now owns a security firm known as Mtumishi Security Service.
9. He is engaged and planning on walking down the aisle soon.
10. He is also a youth leader.

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