Vernacular Film Makers To Be Included In Riverwood Academy Awards.

January 24, 2014

riverGood news for vernacular movie stars, they  will now be eligible for Riverwood Awards.
In a press release, Riverwood Academy Awards  marketing manager, Andrew Owuor said that they are hoping to make the authentic film makers known to the world.

“I’m hoping we can make the world know who are the authentic and homegrown film makers of Kenya. The ones who make productions, without sponsors, grants or loans or big cash. The ones who make the story and give it out mainly for the passion.”

Riverwood Ensembles, who organise the awards, will expose them to better equipment and training in production. He says this will improve the quality of the films and in extension increase their earnings.
Some of the Famous vernacular actors include Machangi, Githingithia among others.

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