Churchill Show Comedian Dr Ofweneke Defends Churchill Against Allegations of Poor Pay

January 23, 2014

DRPopular  Churchill show comedian Dr Ofweneke has come out to defend Churchill over allegations that he is exploiting his comedians.
Rumours swirling around was that churchill Ndambuki pays his comedians poorly while he and the show’s producers pocket millions of shillings every week. Some allegations were that only two comedians pocket at least 10, 000 shilling per show. The rest are paid as low as Ksh 1,000 per show translating to a meagre Ksh 4, 000 per month. Some top comedians such as Wanjiku The Teacher are alleged to have left the show due to poor pay.
Churchill show comedian Dr. Ofweneke has come to Churchill’s defence. This is what he had to say in a recent interview with Vibe Weekly.

“I just wanted to comment about the stories going around on blogs, entertainment websites and newspapers about allegations of exploitation.
What am going to say is this, people should be grateful for the platform that Churchill show has given them. If guys use the platform they’ve been  given wisely they can make more money than the money they are given. I joined Churchill Show in November and out of the almost 10 shows I have featured in, my brand has made a huge step. I have made so much business out of either Mcing or just special performances for big corporate companies and private functions through out December and into January. On top of that I have 3 international comedy tours coming all thanks to what God is doing through Churchill.
My bros Owago Nyiro ,Karis, Chipukeezy ,Butita just to mention a few, are doing well out of that same platform so let’s stop being stubborn and  blaming Churchill. Wisdom will get you success, not looking for who to blame when things ain’t working out for you.
I thank God for Churchill’s life and may God bless Him more.”

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