Robert Alai Reveals Why He’s Not In a Hurry To Marry

January 8, 2014

robBlogger Robert Alai has been the centre of many jokes, especially where old age is concerned. It is said he has been on social media since the beginning of social media. Actually some accounts have it that his social media activity came well before social media.
Years before Facebook and Twitter were created, Alai is said to have used his email address to socialize with other people. Some called this spamming, with a good number having to abandon their email addresses to escape the blogger’s dragnet. Remember this was a time when yahoo and the likes  had not perfected their spam detection technology.
With this in mind, Kenyans have always wondered just how old Alai is. Jokes aside, it is thought he is either in his mid or late 30s.
From his Facebook profile, Alai indicates his high school year as 1997. Assuming he finished high school at 18 years, he should be 35 years now.
Despite him being at an age many Kenyans consider a little late for marriage, Alai is not concerned. He draws his ‘solace’ from none other than the leader of the free world.
In a Facebook post on Sunday, Alai wrote.

Obama is 52 and Michelle is 50. They have two daughters aged 15 and 12. Then you want to tell me that I should marry now. Wait!!!

You can rest assured that you will know of his wedding… Weddings I should say, as the blogger has previously hinted his love for polygamy.

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