REVEALED – This Is Why Mr Lenny Quit Music.

January 27, 2014

mrlenny17012014Mellow voiced singer Mr. Lenny recently returned to the music industry after six years. Lenny joined music heavy weight DNA at Grandpa records and is currently on a country wide tour.
The question on everyone’s mind is why exactly did he quit music. Lenny cleared the air in a recent interview with The Star.

 “There were a lot artistes by the time I was working with the label and always felt like I was being ignored. Because the biggest artistes at that time were recording at the studios, the producers barely had time for me. There was E-Sir, Nameless, Deux Vultures, K-Rupt, Longombas and Big Pin. Everyone was jostling for studio-time and it felt like living in an oblivion. No much attention was being paid to me. All the other artistes were releasing albums but Mr Lenny was not even able to release just a single one. They were all being called for concerts but I never was, despite being labeled the “King of Collabos”. I, however, managed to make an album after leaving the stable, although I didn’t have an official launch for it. I had lots of ideas for my music projects but the label chose to ignore them. I soon realised that I was never going to get any meaningful benefit from music. It was then that I vowed to never do music again and left Ogopa Deejays.”

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