PHOTO – Nakumatt Now Selling Quail Eggs

January 8, 2014

quail nakumattNakumatt has joined the quail craze and started selling beautifully packed quail eggs.
The quail fad has hit Kenyans for several months now, with many believing they have healing powers or immense nutritional gains. The live bird goes for upwards of Sh400, with a single egg going for up to Sh200.
The size of the egg is barely a third the size of a chicken egg, but that has not put off the determined users, most of whom take it raw.
Now, with only Sh720, you can get yourself an 18 egg tray of quail eggs at your nearest Nakumatt store.
This is how they announced their latest item.

Correction: In a previous version of this post we had indicated that a tray has 9 eggs. We have since established that one tray has 18 eggs.

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