KCB ‘You Want To Marry My Daughter’ Advert Spin-off… Hilarious

January 14, 2014

We’ve all seen this KCB advert about their home loan – the one about marrying the daughter. It never stops being funny. We also know about Twitter bigwigs.
This is an elite group of Twitter users (Kenyans) with several thousand followers. They influence trends and their word is most of the time ‘law’. Sometime they become reckless and cyber bully, as has been witnessed by the likes of Linda Nyangweso and Mirfat Musa.
Some of them, like Droid254, are talented in such skills like Photoshop, and their memes are many and funny. Lists about the most influential of them have been made, and the debate continues.
Their influence leaves them enviable, as shown by this KCB ad spin-off by droid.
twitter marry her
Here’s the KCB advert video.

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