Habida Deeply Pissed After Watching 12 Years a Slave

January 31, 2014

Singer Habida was part of the Kenyans who flocked theaters to watch the premiere of 12 years a slave. She watched the movie and was thoroughly moved and extremely pissed.
She took to her blog and this is what she had to say.
“I have just watched “12 years of slavery” and i have come out of there with a stronger heart than i went in. One, i am thanking God that i live in a better time or place because in some places they still have slavery like Mauritania, Hungary, Indonesia, Brazil and there are a few more. Let’s not forget modern day slavery which happens even in places like the US; sex slaves!!!!!!! Anyway i can’t get mad at the white man because there were and are good white men and bad and good black men and bad, just the same. We are the same just different.I think I’ve realized I’m just pissed off at the way we mankind are.
It’s crazy! Is the world this bad that we can be so cruel to one another? It’s not just the whites that were cruel; black too, all you have to do is watch a black American film about drugs or sex maybe robbery! Or just go back to those black who sold out the blacks. There are so many evils in this world; all i can say is all we have left is to pray.I also watched “A long walk to freedom” the other day, all i can say is we have fought and i hope we come out better for it. We need to have a little more love. I love Mandela for what he did. I think he just saw man so that when he came out he fought for us all, so that life would change and man in general would be a better race.
Sometimes i cry and it kills me inside that the pain in the world is so intense and i thank movie makers for bringing the pain to the screen, and in turn to those who choose to see it, you never know! All im saying anytime you can make a difference positively do it! Don’t be ignorant and stuck, find out who you are and others!
God Bless
An angry member of the human race!”

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