Former Tahidi High Actor Freddie Talks Wedding Plans, Government Job, Citizen TV and His Mercedes

January 21, 2014

mutuaFormer Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua is set to tie the knot soon.
Abel, who features in KTN’s popular comedy show, Hapa Kule News, which airs on Fridays, reveals that he landed a lucrative job in the government, following his close association with the president and his deputy.
In this December tribute to his late mum, the comedian also talks of his ‘coming soon wedding’, Dennis Itumbi and his mercedes.
“Hi Mum
it’s been four years now and a couple of months since you left us. Just thought I’d fill you in on what has been going on in my life. Well, three days after you passed on I went for the top comic finals. Guess what, the guy you voted for won the pick up. I thought you were joking when you said kura napatia Oyoo, wewe una girlfriends wengi sana hata nikikunyima haitamake difference. Year 2010 you were replaced by a lovely baby girl who we named after you, thanks to the love of my life supuu wa karatina like you used to call her. We are still very much together by the way but story ya a second grandchild sahau. Huko haturudi, I also was blessed with the Mercedes I was always telling you about towards the end of 2010. It was a good year indeed.
2011 I was doing a million things for citizen tv thanks to the lovely lady I always told you about, Catherine Wamuyu. She took care of me like my own mum after you left. She has played a big role in moulding me to the person I am today. So In The afterlife Mkikutana mbinguni kwa Chama ya wamama mlipie merry go round Miezi kadhaa. You owe her. 2012 was the year leading to the election year. Believe it or not I left citizen and got into politics. So unlike me huh, seeing as I never cared about politics. Uhuru Kenyatta ran for president and I was part of his campaign team. 2013 we went for elections and Uhuru became president. Now, for the shocker. Remember when I told you that I’d never work for the government in my life and that if I ever did I’d cut you a cheque for a hundred thousand? Well, I have your cheque for 100k. I’m part of the govt now thanks to a guy who is an alumnus of the college we hustled so much to get. KIMC. His name is Dennis Itumbi.
Supuu wa karatina namtembeza down the isle pretty soon. I have already picked out my wedding attire. Nitakuwa na zile bell bottom za 1970 na jersie ya Gor Mahia. My best friend Philo wa Ngara is still here, but we no longer live together. Kulikuwa na rumor alichotwa na shosho flani dagoretti but tulipata ni Uwongo. The plates you bought us when we lived with him alivunja karibu zote, Mimi nikavunja half of them. Your army of 8 kids wako shwari kabisa. Jesse Vicky na Rapho are the only ones in school. Mpenzi wako wa Machakos (Dad) is still going strong. Siku hizi yeye ni bachelor boy mbaya. Jesse says In case dad decides to remarry he will make sure that the mathe in question is pretty and properly moneyed. Daddy anafaa kuwa na bonge la trophy. Retirement benefits. Jesse’s words.
Well, that’s pretty much it mum. A lot has gone down but I can’t tell you everything. I miss you though. Rest well mummy. Ukisikia umechoka kupumzika unaweza rudi. Dad is lonely. Well. Til we meet again.


Your son.”

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