Sonko Unapologetic About His Embarrassing Mandela Photoshop

December 18, 2013

After news of Mandela broke, Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko photoshopped himself with Mandela and posted the picture on Facebook.
It’s fake aspects were numerous, from the younger looking Mandela, to the taller looking Sonko, to the blurry Mandela but ‘clear’ Sonko.

The controversial politician made international headlines with major news outlets picking up the story. Among them were UK’s Telegraph, Guardian, Huffington Post and the International Business Times.

Sonko was however unperturbed and did not even delete the post. Instead, he wrote another post attacking those who attacked him. He called them the dictatorial oppressors Mandela fought.
Here is his Sunday post.

To my critics I love you. To my haters I love you too. To my fans I love you more & May God bless & protect you and your families wherever you are. Today we say our final goodbyes to our dear African icon Nelson Madiba Mandela. Those who negatively commented on my photoshop image with Mandela are the same dictatorial oppressors who Madiba fought against. Mandela was a man of the people, Mandela was and still is a role model to many including myself and I have the right to celebrate his life in a special way. Madiba liberated Africa! May The Lord rest Tata’s Soul in eternal peace.

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