Avril and Fiancé Leave For Johannesburg For New Year’s Celebrations

December 30, 2013
Photo by SDE
Photo by SDE

Singer Avril and her fiance are set to leave the country for Johannesburg, South Africa, to usher in the new year, Pulse is reporting. This is after spending Christmas together at the Tamarind.

The two will be in South Africa for most of January.

Speaking to Pulse, Avril said, “All plans have been finalised and I can’t wait to enjoy the New Year in South Africa with my fiancé. It’s going to be a great holiday. We have known each other for quite some time and are happy about the new developments. We are discussing issues to do with marriage but we are under no pressure at all to rush the process. The wedding will not be that soon. He is Zulu and I am Kikuyu and there are some cultural things involved in the entire process.”

Avril also dismissed suggestions that she’s with him for the money.

“He is an awesome man. We are deep in love and this has nothing to do with his family wealth. I am not a gold digger. If it is about money, I would be driving a Range Rover and wouldn’t be living in South B as I had all those options. I just don’t care what people say anymore,” she said.

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