Arsenal To Play in Kenya in July Next Year – Sam Nyamweya

December 18, 2013

Kenya Football Federation chairman Sam Nyamweya yesterday stated that Arsenal and another top club will play in Kenya in July next year.
Actually he said that Arsenal will play in Kenya every year for the next three years.

This is apparently for the Magic Cup tournament.

Considering the state of our stadiums and the fact that Kenya provides little monetary gains for English Premier League clubs, it would be a surprise if Arsenal steps foot in the country. 
EPL teams tend to have their pre-seasons in countries that contribute a significant amount to their profits, in sales of jerseys and merchandise or other ways. This is mostly the US and rich Asian nations.

Also, the month Nyamweya is talking about will be eaten half way by the World Cup, reducing the chances of Kenya hosting the top EPL club.

Nyamweya’s announcement should therefore be taken with a pinch of salt.

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