Museveni’s HIV Test Results Leak

November 12, 2013
[Photo||Red Pepper]

Ugandan newspaper, Red Pepper is reporting that President Yoweri Museveni is HIV non-reactive… or in layman’s language HIV negative.

Museveni took a public HIV test on Friday, to encourage millions of untested Ugandans to know their status.
Several other leaders were tested alongside him.

The exercise was held at Kiswa Health Centre IV, Bugolobi, in Kampala. He first received counselling from Dr. Diana Atwine, his personal physician, before his blood sample was taken for testing.

However, the sample was not tested at the scene, probably to prevent any leakage especially if the results were not very desirable. It was instead taken to a special laboratory at Statehouse, the paper is reporting.
Museveni received the good news on Friday evening.

This is the first known time Museveni is taking a HIV test.

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