DJ Pierra on The Decks at The Face of Nairobi This Saturday

November 28, 2013

Her feet strapped in the heels, her hands on the steel wheels, she got skills, she is ill. You think am exaggerating, well come get the feel. It only gets better towards the end, it’s the damn climax. It’s only two days to the Face of Nairobi gala night at PrideInn hotel, Westlands near Graffins College and oh my, the feeling never gets better than this. It’s either the best or nothing at all and that’s why the sassy, sexy lass, Dj Pierra will be at the gala night to make love to your ears. Ladies and gentlemen it will be a musical treatment with the spin nurse Pierra Makena. 

Some things are just good if only they are experienced firsthand. Being narrated about a past ordeal is like eating stale food just because you have to ease your hunger pangs. You don’t have to be told come experience and be the storyteller. Tickets to the showdown are available online at for 1500/- and 2500/- VIP. It is all balanced now with the kinky captain Phinky, Wyre and his groove, Wendi & the band and Pierra on the wheels to kickoff the move. It is the #MissItDieEvent

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