Ciku Muiruri – I Wish I Slept With Atur Margaryan

November 22, 2013

Classic 105 Busted presenter, Ciku Muiruri has revisited her story with Atur Magaryan. Mohammed Ali of Jicho Pevu ignited the fire several months ago, and Ciku received a lot of backlash on social media.
She even dedicated her entire writing on Zuqka to clarify what happened.

This morning on her Facebook page, the controversial radio queen said that she regrets not sleeping with the Atur brother.

This was her post.

I have to be clear, seeing as my sex life is of so much importance to so many. No, I did not sleep with any of the Armenians. Yawn, I had to be professional, yawn, blah, blah… But! If I could have, I would have TAPPED that ASS. Yes. Deal. I did not. Sad. Wish I had. My bad. Did y’all not see the size of that hand???????

 Oh baibe…

On the comment box, Ciku then elaborated why she wishes she had slept with him.

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