Who Leaked Shebesh’s NEKKID PHOTOS?

October 10, 2013
We have been waiting for a denial or some form of statement from Shebesh on the photos circulating online. That has not happened yet.

In one of the photos leaked on Tuesday, the lady alleged to be Shebesh is seen performing some oral simulation on a potbellied man. However, only her trademark hair is visible, which may give anyone trying to prove that it’s infact Shebesh a hard time.
The other photos are however clearer, but not as scandalous.

So the question comes in; who leaked the photos.

Sonko would be a good start. In two of the photos, he is seen facing the camera, with his hand out of view. This probably happens because he is the one taking the photos.

The photo of the lady alleged to be Shebesh and the potbellied man, is almost clearly taken by the potbellied man, lying on his back.

Assuming Sonko took the photos, did he leak them?
We cannot be sure of that, but it’s very possible. Remember, during the teacher’s strike, Sonko reportedly recorded a private conversation he had with KNUT secretary general Mudzo Nzili.

He posted a link to the video on his Facebook page.

So, if people accuse Sonko of leaking the Shebesh photos, you may excuse them as it has happened once with the KNUT negotiations.

Plus, their cosy relationship is no more, following two reported cases of physical fights between them.
Such scenes are almost certainly never going to happen again.

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