Before we proceed, have you seen those pictures of the Kiunas residence?
Here they are.

More photos HERE

Now, we’re on the same page.

As you probably know, the Kiuna’s run JCC church in Nairobi. They also have several branches in the country, plus others in the UK and the US.

This past Sunday, Pastor Kiuna hosted Churchill show comedians at his church. Churchill himself was present, and so was Eric Omondi and Wanjiku the Teacher. 
This was probably some kind of payback after the Kiunas appeared on Churchill Show about 3 weeks ago.

At some point during the service, Pastor Kiuna tells the congregation to lift up their Bibles. I’ve skipped the point where Churchill did not have his own Bible..

Anyhow, when Pastor Kiuna tells the Church to lift up their Bibles, a few tablets are also lifted. I understand they have a Bible app installed.

So ask yourself this all important question… What do you lift when your pastor says lift up your Bible, and what do you see yourself lifting in 2 years time?

Here is that video by KTN.

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