KTN Gambles on Audience By Airing THE BIBLE During Alejandro Hour

October 1, 2013

In what is seen as a big gamble, KTN will be airing a TV series on the BIBLE on Monday nights.
Traditionally, 8-9 PM is time for soap operas, but Kenya’s oldest private TV station believes it can grab some of the potential audience still not addicted to the soaps.

Citizen TV always gets the better of its rivals, by having flawless transitions between their soaps. This makes sure that their audience is always looking forward to a new one, once the current one ends.
It was said that the station would lose a sizable number of viewers after the completion of the mega hit ‘Storm Over Paradise’, but that did not happen.
In any case, their subsequent soaps – Paloma, Triumph of love etc.., have continued to have large viewership.

Despite NTV having their own soaps, Citizen always gets the bigger pie.

KTN’s current soap

KTN is believed to be gradually getting out of the soap industry. If memory serves me right, it was not even their thing. The station was traditionally associated with the likes of Prison Break and 24, but that was cut short by the influx of very up to date movie vendors.

Of late, local productions have largely replaced Mexican soaps operas during KTN’s prime hour. The likes of Lies that bind, Tujuane, Ultimate Challenge have pushed the imported soaps to weekends.

The BIBLE TV show, KTN hopes, will steal some audience from the rest. Perhaps the timing could have been better, like during the school holidays… because clearly, parents would rather have their children watch The Bible than Alejandro.

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