George Njoroge, the Managing Director of East Africa Data Handlers, is offering a cash reward of Sh 500,000 to anyone with information leading to the arrest of a notorious laptop thief. This is according to Robert Alai’s

The unidentified man has been caught twice on CCTV cameras stealing laptops and other valuables from two separate offices in Nairobi.

His first sighting was at an office building in Upper Hill Nairobi. 
Recently, perhaps after he ‘ate’ the money from the first laptop, the same guy stepped into East Africa Data Handlers offices in Westlands.

It’s not clear how valuable the information in the machine was, but with a cash reward of Sh500,000 it must have been very valuable.
Or perhaps someone just wants to rid the country off the scumbag.

Here is the CCTV video from EA Data Handlers.

And here’s the video from Upper Hill.

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