Kenyans Hilarious Reactions To News That Shebesh Was Slapped Again Last Week

October 1, 2013
On Monday, the Star newspaper had this story about a physical fight between Sonko and Shebesh. Apparently, the incident happened on Thursday night at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Nairobi. It’s not clear why the two were fighting, but Shebesh is reportedly nursing an arm injury.
Both leaders have also threatened to go to court.

So, when news broke that Shebesh had been allegedly assaulted for the second time in less than a month, Kenyans were bound to react.
Here are some of the comments from Twitter.

Politicians who hate Shebesh be like ‘A slap a day keeps pang’ang’a away’ – @Masaku_

Shebesh got slapped by 3 men with different education levels. She must be the problem, Ay? – @RamzZy_
When Shebesh was patted by Kidero, all manner of groups came out asking for his resignation. Where are they after she had her hand broken? – @vincechepkwony
Shebesh’s husband task to win her heart is very easy, he just needs to catch a slap for her. – @njiiru

ikiendelea hivi we’ll be running raffles on who is to slap Shebesh next.. – @WaMusau
Weareone-dering whether shebesh is the kenyan white widow. – @JKoveti
Shebesh’s face can be detected by iPhone 5s coz it has many fingerprints – @SpazZle_
Why has Frank Shebesh taken so long to condemn the cowardly act by his ‘coalition partner’ – ‏@GidiOgidi

At this rate hata Man Utd haiwezi hata chapa Shebesh”walalallala – @im_Waf
lol ati electronic voter registration ya fingerprints inafanywa na Shebesh – @iAmEriko
Shebesh bitch-slapped again???uso imekuwa database ya finger prints – @ule_pirate
Is thea a place to go register if you want to join the qeue to slap shebesh – @chrisogolla

hey feel like smacking someone on the face hard? i mean like really hard? —call me maybe @ Hon Rachael Shebesh – ‏@Bensonmusyk
Qn:What’s the similarity between Man Utd and Shebesh? Ans:Wamechapwa tena LOL – @empresjenjay
Shebesh the other name for a punching bag. – ‏@BorNNyeN

Shebesh shld insure her cheeks, i can only imgn io kofi ya Sonko vile iliwacha ‘Ring-prints’ – @LarinskiM
shebesh itabidi amelearn self defense la sivyo ajifunze fencing – @Kim_chokera

Anto has more problems than Shebesh’s cheeks. Bachelor life is not for him. – ‏@PettieMurgor
Rachel shebesh’s favourite drink is vita500. – @jimyrito
Very soon mtasikia shebesh amejislap in public – @paul_arise

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