8 Things You Did Not Know About Kalekye Mumo

October 3, 2013

1. When she was just three,she was diagnosed with a hip condition that left her immobilized and had a cast for some years. 

2. Her weight has never been an issue to her,she loves and has confidence in her curves and we all know that confidence is a very attractive trait! 

3. Her ideal man should be God-fearing, financially stable and one who takes control adding that ” I want to come home to a man who takes over the reins.  I will let him. I can be submissive.”

4. She has a massive collection of shoes and bags (maybe we can borrow them sometime) and you will rarely catch her rocking the same bag or shoe twice 

5. She is a whiskey girl, Jameson to be precise! Her first car was a red mini-cooper adding that “I always loved a car with character. A car says a lot about you.”

6. She has irritable bowel syndrome (chronic abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating, and alteration of bowel habits) so when she visits you bread and milk are a no-no!

7. On her first day on air,the morning show host dared her to call up a guy she had met in a wedding a week before,which she did, all red faced but luckily the feeling was mutual and they dated for a while 

8. Her mum is her biggest fan but she is daddy’s girl. 

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