The Do’s and Don’ts At Safaricom 7s This Weekend

September 20, 2013

As we all get set to go to Kasarani this weekend for Safaricom 7s, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts.

Okay, I must admit this is mostly targeting 80% of the fans, who know nothing about rugby. 
Here’s your guide.

Let’s start with the don’ts
1. Don’t carry Vuvuzelas – Rugby fans have a lot of awesome and naughty song to sing along at the stand for a vuvuzela to get in the way.
2. Don’t brag out loudly if you know one of the player, all avid rugby fans know all the players’ even the upcoming ones, you just look desperate and stupid.
3. Don’t ask guys to keep quiet if there is no try about to be scored.
4. Don’t over dress you are not going for an interview. This is social, don’t come naked also, we are here to watch rugby not you
5. Don’t carry your own drinks. You won’t get past the 10+ checkpoints. Unless you are very good at sneaking stuff inside.
6. Don’t complain there are a lot of people and you are there too.
7. Don’t come with your AFC or Gor sports gear, seriously this is rugby.
8. Stop calling people for complimentary tickets, if you cant afford follow the twitter timeline.
1. (Chic) Make sure you carry an umbrella (Rain/Sun)
2. (Guy) Carry enough money for beer.
3. Have a ticket (obviously)
4. Be ready to cheer your hearts out.
5. Most importantly have fun and remember the don’ts
Plus of course, don’t forget the After Party.

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