Makau Mutua Viciously Attacked For Claiming Ruto Is Using Westgate Attack To Evade ICC Justice

September 24, 2013

Standard on Sunday columnist, Makau Mutua, was yesterday the subject of attack on Twitter following what seemed like a stupid tweet at the worst possible time.
The controversial columnist suggested that Deputy President William Ruto was using the Westgate attack to evade justice at the ICC.

Ruto had on Saturday requested the court to adjourn, so he may come back home and deal with the situation. The judges agreed to break for one week, a decision that did not go down well with Makau Mutua.

ICC wrong to grant Ruto one-week leave. Kenyatta and Ruto mustn’t be allowed to use Westgate Mall tragedy to evade justice.” he tweeted.

ICC wrong to grant Ruto one-week leave. Kenyatta and Ruto mustn’t be allowed to use Westgate Mall tragedy to evade justice.
— Prof Makau Mutua (@makaumutua) September 23, 2013

Kenyans on Twitter immediately reacted to the columnist’s statement, and looking at the comments, it is almost impossible to isolate a single positive one.

Here is what people thought.

Dear @makaumutua, READ THE MOOD OF THE NATION & STFU!!!! Signed, Anyone with a brain. –  ‏@Yenyewe

Makau mutua is a Professor the same way professor J calls himself a professor. – @njiiru

They should give kethi kilonzo her masters degree in law back and take makau mutua’s. – @njiiru

This @makaumutua should just go and donate blood. All his blood. – @benjaminsulle

Makau Mutua needs to be institutionalized before that hatred consumes his soul!! – @makodingo

I think Makau Mutua is an attention hungry snitch, shooting blanks all the times with his selfish tweets and predictions. COW! –@cremedj

@makaumutua The hallmark of baal highpriest. A slave of ua own perception. – @swaggerfarm

#MakauMutua sh’d be arrested for interrogation #WestGate -Sorry those days are long gone, Kenya has moved on; you too can. – @Mainajulius1

@makaumutua Why dnt you use yr loud voice to help yr fellow kenyans during this moment instead of airing out your irrelevant opinions – @Betsytia2

Can the @KenyaRedCross liaise with the Kenyan Embassy in DC to have @makaumutua donate ALL his blood to #Westgate victims!” – @MURIITHIMWANGI

He proves our worries that he has nothing between the ears..#makau mutua.ata rambirambi?jamaneni – @UNCTADKituyi 

Makau Mutua should keep his blood. It might spread STUPIDITY!!” – @Olemarex

#WeAreOne minus Makau Mutua” We are all confident to bend and say a prayer for Kenya except @makaumutua – @PaulMurigu

Is it true that Makau Mutua is a prof? Yeah I remember in some Buffalo place…… I understand – @mwmaina

@MakauMutua is an educated prof who needs to be psychologically analayzed,coz ana permanent head damage (PHD) – @mwangid


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