VIDEO – Meet David Hermlin… Kenya’s Justin Bieber

August 5, 2013

This song is several months old, but that does not take away the talent in this young kid. David Hermlin is a 12 year old singer, who has on several occasions been compared to Justin Bieber. With almost a similar style to a younger Bieber, Hermlin’s Perfect Paradise is a must listen.

His mother is Kenya and father German. The dad is a successful jazz artiste, and there goes the musical background.

Hermlin has been playing the drum since age 4, and can also play the piano. At age five, he was already taking dance lessons.

In an interview with Pulse, Hermlin said that the showbiz industry in Kenya is pretty young compared to Germany, and that the latter offers better performance fees for artistes. He however said that even with all those opportunities in Europe, he still comes to Kenya to produce his music. 

“Kenya is my country. It’s not about what the Kenyan industry can do for me, but what I can do for it. I want to give back to Kenya and have Kenyans appreciate what I’m doing here at home. I have to make a name for myself in Kenya first before I spread my wings.” he said.

The young boy has already met Frasha and Size 8, who he hopes to work with later this year. The sky is surely the limit for Hermlin.

Here is his ‘Perfect Paradise’ video.

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