OMG – Tujuane Girl, Eda Atieno’s KCSE Results Leak… and She Failed

August 22, 2013

After a whole day of ridicule yesterday, ‘classy’ Tujuane chic Eda Atieno most probably did not see this one coming, no one did.
Her KCSE results have been leaked online anonymously, and I don’t know what to think of that. 

Eda went through Butere Girls High School, sitting for her KCSE in 2010. It turns out books were not her thing.
She got a C, which is not good enough to get you into any university in Kenya, not even Private ones. The minimum grade to join a university in Kenya is C+.
Simply put, she failed.

Furthermore, from the screenshot, Eda’s name appears fourth last at position 177.
The national examiner ranks according to students’ index numbers, which means Eda was fourth last in their indexing exam. 

Here’s a screenshot from Butere girls.

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