Mirfat Musa Joins Fellow Kenyans in Scolding Eda Atieno…. The Rude Girl on Tujuane Last Night

August 21, 2013

Remember Mirfat Musa, the most notable ‘alumni’ of Tujuane? Last night she got her match.
Eda Atieno, was everything Mirfat was plus a little more.
Today alone we have like 5 of her articles, we can go on and on…..

It turns out Mirfat was watching, and she was not impressed with Eda trying to be her… Don’t know if I put that right.

In a series of replies on Twitter last night, Mirfat sided with those attacking Eda, some of whom accused her of copying.

She was however careful  not to tweet anything that may be used on this platform to support this story, which she most definitely saw coming..

However, she could not prevent herself from clapping and cheering from the sidelines as Kenyans gave Eda a proper dressing down…

@Zuere hahahahahaha!
— Mirfat Musa (@mirfat_musa) August 20, 2013

@amGeorgeKariuki mayoo george
— Mirfat Musa (@mirfat_musa) August 20, 2013

@amGeorgeKariuki hahahahaha,sema copy cat
— Mirfat Musa (@mirfat_musa) August 20, 2013

@Diamamyn4zi hahahaha,sema wana be
— Mirfat Musa (@mirfat_musa) August 20, 2013

@Diamamyn4zi lol
— Mirfat Musa (@mirfat_musa) August 20, 2013

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