Citizen TV Demands Sh500,000 From Tom Mboya and Belinda Obura For Unprocedural Move To K24

August 28, 2013

Months after K24 raided Citizen TV’s newsroom and walked out with almost every known face, the SK Macharia owned station is out to teach those who left a lesson.
Jackal News is reporting that Royal Media is seeking millions from its former employees, for what it terms contract violation. 

RMS lawyers have apparently written to several of K24 staff demanding varying amounts of money, depending on individual contracts. Lawyer Njenga Njihia yesterday showed up at K24 offices and presented ex-employees letters demanding they pay up or risk court action.
This is however not going to be an easy ride for the giant media house, with reports that they have refused to pay up, saying they worked for Citizen TV for years without pension and other benefits.

Among those Citizen is demanding money from are Tom Mboya and Belinda Obura, whose total amounts to almost half a million.
Franklin Wambugu is however the most affected with a demanded Sh430,000.

Here’s a list.
Chris Thairu – 76,000 Ksh
Duncan Khaemba – 86,000 Ksh
Janet Chapia – 126,000 Ksh
Violet Otindo – 120,000 Ksh
Franklin Wambugu – 430,000 Ksh
Torome Tirike – 100,000 Ksh
Tom Mboya – 200,000 Ksh 
Franklin Macharia 50,000 Ksh
Job Mwaura – 63,000 Ksh
Belinda Obura- 260,000 Ksh
Mutakha Boniface 89,000 Ksh

Credit – Jackal News

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