Sauti Sol’s Chimano Speaks Out on MKU Incident, "Yes we beaten up by the bouncers"

July 1, 2013

Sauti Sol’s Chimano has come out to clear the air over an incident that happened at Mount Kenya University this past weekend. 
Chimano together with the other band members were beaten up by bouncers at the University’s Freshers bash on Friday. 

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Speaking to Vibe Weekly, Chimano says that the student-bouncer provoked him and his reaction was just self defense. 

“That bouncer/ student just started hitting me out of nowhere as I was struggling to get in instead of helping me get past the barrier. How can I struggle to get into an event I’m performing at yet they can see me and know who I am plus I had just passed to go to the loo. How come I have not had issues with other Uni’s?
I do regret what happened. I didn’t expect to be treated like a king or president but we should defend ourselves. Our main goal was to come and entertain, I don’t fight, I am not a fighter and the last time I fought was in primary school. All he had to do was to tell me to chill coz he clearly saw me when I was leaving and saw me coming back, so why deny me entry?” he said

Chimano however denied losing any tooth, as one witness had narrated.  He added that he will never step foot into MKU again.

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