Photos of Emmy Kosgey’s Sh 4 Million Car

July 2, 2013

By Pius Cheruiyot
Pulse: Tell us about your ride?
Emmy Kosgey: It’s a Toyota Prado LC 5, which I have nicknamed Taunet Ne Lel. I bought it at a cost of Sh4 million.

P: Why did you pick this make of a car?
E: In life generally, I love big things. Moreover, this has always been my dream car since I was young. I give thanks to God for making it a reality sooner than I expected.

P: Is this your first car?
E: No. This is my second car after my Toyota Noah; which I had to take some loan to buy, unlike this Prado. This time, I was fully prepared before buying it.

P: What makes your ride different?
E: The speed and stability of this car is magnificent. It’s also spacious enough for my band crew. On buying it, I had to change all sets of tyres at a tidy cost of Sh200,000.

P: Have you had any crazy experience with your car?
E: I have actually made it an extension of my bedroom; since the boot is full of clothes. I can change my clothes whenever necessary.

P: Got any advice for your motoring fans?
E: Any talent pays if you trust in God and work hard.

Source – Standard Digital Entertainment
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