Kenyans Humourous Reactions To The Marriage Bill – Hilarious

July 17, 2013
Yesterday, the marriage bill was trending the whole day on social media. The bill has come up with several proposals including paying a fine if you fail to honour a marriage promise.

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Kenyans as always chose to add a light touch to it, and these are some of the memes, that were doing round.

At some point, a new twitter trend, #MarriageBillYamahustler, went viral, to cater for those who felt the proposed marriage bill was ‘too much’ financially. These were some of the comments on that.

#MarriageBillYaMahustler incase of divorce unaniachia condom shoe moja ikuwe soap dish

#MarriageBillYaMahustler Momo are entitled to 2% of the matrimonial wealth,they have already eaten too much.””

#MarriageBillYaMaHustler After getting a Kid you will rest for only two months before you get pregnant . I need many twitter followers

#MarriageBillYaMaHustler pete itachomelewa baadaye..meanwhile, chora kacircle na feltpen.

#MarriageBillYaMahustler We will be happily married but the day we divorce, leave with the experience. Vitu zangu ni zangu na zako zako.

#MarriageBillYaMahustler all marriage certificates shld be signed using pencils, you never know

#MarriageBillYaMahustler eti KFC,ile me najua ni KwaGitema Fried Chapodondo

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