16 Tips To Avoid Being Drugged in a Night Club

July 4, 2013

With the rising cases of people being drugged in night clubs, these are some of the things you should do to avoid becoming a victim.

1. Don’t leave your drink unattended.

2. Do not use a glass brought to you by an unknown person, use the bottle.

3. Glasses can easily be laced, try rinsing the glass before use or wiping it with a tissue.

4. If you must drink a cocktail, do it from the counter or an area you can see the preparation otherwise opt for bottled drinks even if it means soda.

5. Do not drink an open drink, insist on the waiter opening the drink from your table.

6. When taking a drink that comes in a glass e.g., shots of whiskey, vodka etc. shake the drink in the glass, if a white layer forms or the drink has a suspension it is ok to think it has been drugged.

7. Master the taste of your drink of choice e.g. Whiskey, vodka. If it tastes funny, do not drink it, find a way to spill it if you must.

8. Drink such drinks, in number 6 from the counter.

9. Insist on a waiter bringing you drinks, in as much as he/she might look kind going to fetch the drink for you, do not accept. More so for glass pours or shots.

10. Let your friends know where you are.

11. If you meet someone new,  inform a friend at least of a name or if possible insist on taking a pic with them.

12. If he/she is too generous with buying drinks, be careful.

13. Be privy and try getting more info, where they live/work etc. It helps with cops to trace the person in case of anything.

14. Always have a plan of getting home, you don’t have to be dropped home by the new person you meet unless with a group of friends. Insist on taking yourself home and meeting another day.

15. Befriend the bouncers and waiters,  e.g. buy them a drink or offer a tip they will take care of you, often they know the dangerous people.

16. Stay alert. When the deal is too sweet, hold back, you can always meet in the day to talk more or hang out more.

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