Sonko Responds To Notorious Blogger Kahawa Tungu

June 24, 2013
Sonko’s Family

Some time back, blogger ‘Kahawa Tungu’, he of Caroline Mutoko – Mutula Kilonzo rumour, posted some story about Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko. 
The article talked of how Sonko had neglected his family, and did not give any kind of support to his ailing mother in law. 
It added that Sonko only gives when cameras are rolling, and that he is in fact a very stingy person. It further alleged how ‘loose tongued’ the senator is, with his family particularly receiving unprintable insults. 
Kahawa Tungu also alleged how Sonko’s daughter would occasionally run away from home to go be with her grandmother.

On Friday, Sonko took to his Facebook page to reply to the notorious blogger. He posted several scanned copies of credit cards, medical insurance cards and even some Bank statements. 
This was his reply.

Kahawa Tungu posted some malicious information about me and my family. Which made my elder daughter annoyed after seeing she can’t afford sanitary pad. My family was aggrieved especially Saumu my first born & my wife who was recently discharged from hospital after undergoing a surgery. They were very traumatized it was a very long night my children cried the whole night but God wiped their tears.

There’s nothing that i wouldn’t do for my family. I get the strength to do what i do from them. They motivate me when am feeling low, they inspire me when i need heart and they are always there for me. To my beautiful daughters Saumu, Kaindi, Salma & Sandra. I love you all and i appreciate every single minute that we spend together. To my dear wife Prim, you were there when no one else was, i love you, you’re God sent! I take care of my family like any real man should and i will continue to do so till the end of time. Good day watu wangu

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